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Pro Feeder

ZEMEX Pro Feeder series is dedicated for beginners and amateurs. The model range is widely presented by heavy class models, robust and powerful tools that can forgive novice anglers mistakes when casting and retrieving trophies.

Pro Feeder series rods are fast action, and have positive effect on the casting accuracy and distance. Blanks are made ​​of  High Modulus IM6 Carbon Fiber and have a good balance between informative and mechanical performance properties , they are able to knit a big fish well  and work on jerks when retrieving.

SIC Korea guides in the series of Pro Feeder rods are specially designed for fishing with braided cords and effectively resist wear.

Easy and comfortable grip and reel seat are made considering the requirements to the long-distance casting rod.

ZEMEX Pro Feeder rod is completed with four quiver tips of the different stiffness.


Code No. Model Length(cm) Test(g) Sections Weight(g) Tr.length(cm) Price/Buy
PF-010-060 ZEMEX Pro Feeder 10ft 60g
300 60 2+3 211 155
PF-011-120 ZEMEX Pro Feeder 11ft 120g
330 120 3+3 256 117
71 $ Buy
PF-011-150 ZEMEX Pro Feeder 11ft 150g
330 150 3+3 261 117
74 $ Buy
PF-012-090 ZEMEX Pro Feeder 12ft 90g
360 90 3+3 259 127
PF-012-120 ZEMEX Pro Feeder 12ft 120g
360 120 3+3 275 127
PF-012-150 ZEMEX Pro Feeder 12ft 150g
360 150 3+3 281 127
81 $ Buy
PF-013-120 ZEMEX Pro Feeder 13ft 120g
390 120 3+3 308 137
PF-013-150 ZEMEX Pro Feeder 13ft 150g
390 150 3+3 310 137
PF-013-180 ZEMEX Pro Feeder 13ft 180g
390 180 3+3 315 137