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Grand Feeder
Grand Feeder

Grand Feeder

Elegant sport class rod with a large safety margin is designed for a distance casting and for a big fish - that's the basic concept of  ZEMEX Grand Feeder! 
The thin «slim» ZEMEX Grand Feeder blank immediately attracts attention; this blank does not cause feeling powerful long-range missile at first glance. But this impression is deceptive! Unique production technology of the blank allows working successfully with feedboxes of very impressive tests, by the minimum diameter of the rod. 
ZEMEX Grand Feeder is designed with the participation and considering the wishes of the sportsman and advanced amateur anglers of CIS , and is optimized for a variety of fishing conditions.
Large range can boldly be divided into three categories: Long Distance, Medium and F1.
Long Distance category includes rod with the length 3.9 m - 4.2 m  and with a maximum operating tests of up to 180 grams and capable of delivering fishing gear for over distant frontiers , more than 150 meters. These feeders are designed for the fans of trophy bream fishing, also for carp and amurs fishing at long distance in commercial ponds and reservoirs.
Ukrainian fisherman-sportsman  (Alex Strashnyy, Fyodor Andrusenko Alexei Pugach, Sergey Popov and others) appreciated ZEMEX Grand Feeder and use these rods in tournaments held at large rivers with a powerful stream, such as the Dnieper, the Desna, the Dniester . So Grand Feeder ZEMEX rods will suit the taste of the bottom river fishing fans.
Models of 3.3 m -3, 6m feeders are classic Medium class and have a wide range of applications. We are talking about catching carp and crucian in lakes and reservoirs, also roach and bream in medium and small rivers. Graceful fine blanks and sensitive quiver tips are perfect for catching with delicate gear. At the same time the power reserve of ZEMEX Grand Feeder is enough to give a battle to weighty trophies. 
Especially effective Grand Feeders Medium class rods work out at catching carp and bream when the bite has a cautious nature and size of the fish can be spectacular. In such cases, you need a good balance between sensitivity and power amortization properties of the blank to avoid an unfortunate gathering trophy snap or break. Feeder rods of Medium class in the ZEMEX Grand Feeder line are designed for just that very case of fishing.
In a series of ZEMEX Grand Feeder, also has picker rod for catching carp, goldfish and linear at short distance in commercial ponds. The British call the rod of this type F1, and ZEMEX Grand Feeder 3m with the test up to 60g is a classic representative of this class of feeders. Best suited for fishing on flats and light feeder boxes with in-Line accessories. This sleek and temperamental kid conceals large margin and skillful ability to knit a fish.
The line guides by New Concept Korea Guide deserve special consideration, because they are able to prevent the overlap of the main line or cord during power casts. This engineering solution protects ZEMEX Grand Feeder from damage when casting and also protects the gear from annoying "off shootings ".
Elegant ZEMEX Grand Feeder grip has a small diameter and comfortably fits in your hand. Combination of EVA and EVA interspersed with cork crumbs material is easy to operate and easily washed from adhering bait, earth and clay.
Accessories and reel seat are made with regard to the requirements of modern design to create a beautiful and elegant rod with a strong personality.
ZEMEX Grand Feeder is equipped with three interchangeable quiver tips.  The set includes soft carrying case; the rod has a comfortable conveyance length.
Code No. Model Length(cm) Test(g) Sections Weight(g) Tr.length(cm) Price/Buy
GF-014-180 ZEMEX Grand Feeder 14ft 180g
420 180 3+3 308 147
GF-013-120 ZEMEX Grand Feeder 13ft 120g
390 120 3+3 279 137
GF-010-060 ZEMEX Grand Feeder 10ft 60g
300 60 2+3 213 141
GF-012-090 ZEMEX Grand Feeder 12ft 90g
360 90 3+3 229 126
GF-012-120 ZEMEX Grand Feeder 12ft 120g
360 120 3+3 246 127
GF-013-090 ZEMEX Grand Feeder 13ft 90g
390 90 3+3 271 137
GF-011-060 ZEMEX Grand Feeder 11ft 60g
330 60 2+3 224 156