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Bass Addiction-S
Bass Addiction-S

Bass Addiction-S

Twitching technique is extremely popular. The reason lies in a wide variety of animations when success is increasingly dependent on the skill of the angler and his understanding of the mood of the fish than directly from the bait. Of course, not only skills are important here, but also the rod should be adjusted for twitching. Not the last role plays sonorousness, balance of the rod, as well as quality of fittings used, because the whole day of twitching tedious enough to brush your hand and also bites are very gentle sometimes. 
Quintessential are high-sensitive twitching rods from the largest factory in South Korea is a series of rods ZEMEX Bass Addiction, produced in spinning and casting (designed for the multiplier reel ) options.

The gorgeous decoration of the rod is striking - polished blank, painted in gray- blue metallic, wonderful guides by Kigan, high-quality cork handle, luxurious cover case of durable fabric. But the main thing is, of course, super-fast, hard, and having excellent casting performance and high sonority blanks.  Here are the main assets of ZEMEX Bass Addiction!


Code No. Model Length(cm) Test(g) Sections Weight(g) Tr.length(cm) Price/Buy
BA-198-3012 ZEMEX Bass Addiction Spinning Rod 198 3-12g
198 3-12 2 112 103
117 $ Buy
BA-198-4014 ZEMEX Bass Addiction Spinning Rod 198 4-14g
198 4-14 2 115 103
127 $ Buy
BA-198-6021 ZEMEX Bass Addiction Spinning Rod 198 6-21g
198 6-21 2 120 103
133 $ Buy
BA-213-5018 ZEMEX Bass Addiction Spinning Rod 213 5-18g
213 5-18 2 118 109
137 $ Buy
BA-213-8032 ZEMEX Bass Addiction Spinning Rod 213 8-32g
213 8-32 2 136 109
BA-225-7025 ZEMEX Bass Addiction Spinning Rod 225 7-25g
225 7-25 2 130 117
151 $ Buy