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There are things that are uncompromising in their designation. It is such a highly specialized spinning ZEMEX Master, which name reflects the main point of these wonderful rods.
Spinning Master rods do not know what a wobbler is.  Their owners, present and future, do not use spinners and spoons. They are only interested in the top layer of water. They are jigging and tap-off leash fans.
These spinning all aimed at the most distant casting and prohibitively high sensitivity. In dynamics, during the cast, ZEMEX Master is loaded with almost all the form, “shooting” compact jig baits like bended bow. Without any effort, easily and naturally you will reach the most cherished walleyes eddies, which until recently were available only for boat-anglers.
The spinning rod blank is made of high modulus graphite IM9 - material which is in South Korea (where there all the ZEMEX spinning rods are made) has proven itself on the top- level rods.
All accessories, such as guides and reel seat – are made in Japan, by Fuji. Uplocking Reel Seat – DPS. More reliable uplocking simply does not exist, at least in this part of the galaxy.
Guides - with SIC inserts, for use of any type of braided thread - like soft PE, and hard and “brazed" of Dyneema.
Butt Grip is solid, corkboard. Suppose someone says that it is not fashionable, and now spaced grips are in the trend and it’s his right. But the long grip of cork of excellent quality our times rather considered as the card spinning high-end, emphasizing the serious intentions of its owner, and nothing else.
There are no short rods for boat fishing in the Master series. Also, there are no unmanageable ten-foot spinning of indistinctly action. Considering the " Masters" long range - there is no point of misuse of expensive carbon fiber fabric. Shortest spinning - MR- 220  test 2 -10 g  great covers all aspects of fishing lures perch , only a little go beyond the concept of " micro jigging ." Another spinning, ZEMEX Master 2, 40 m 4, 0-16, 0 gr, completely covers a greater range of spaced equipment used for catching striped predator. The other rods ( spinning ZEMEX Master 2,50 m 5,0-21,0 gr , ZEMEX Master 2,60 m 7,0-30,0 g , and the most powerful ruler in ZEMEX Master 2,70 m , 10.0 -50.0 g) are purely jig topic . They are dedicated for big water and a serious fish - here they will give 100 points handicap any competitors.
And one more thing. As befits a high-end rod, all ZEMEX Master spinning rods, regardless of the length, test and action system come with a convenient and reliable tube case.
Code No. Model Length(cm) Test(g) Sections Weight(g) Tr.length(cm) Price/Buy
MR-220-2010 ZEMEX Master 2,20m 2-10g
220 2-10 2 138 110
MR-240-4016 ZEMEX Master 2,40m 4-16g
240 4-16 2 143 120
MR-250-5021 ZEMEX Master 2,50m 5-21g
250 5-21 2 155 125
MR-260-7030 ZEMEX Master 2,60m 7-30g
260 7-30 2 170 130
MR-270-1050 ZEMEX Master 2,70m 10-50g
270 10-50 2 188 135