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When the beginner joins the ranks of the spinning anglers, he often comes in search of truth on fishing forums where seeking advice and sacred knowledge, which spinning rod is the best  for him to buy. Answers of coryphaeus in most cases are overwhelming, because devoted to the rods of higher price range. But is there any sense to overpay for the material of guide frames or cork graduation for the person who has not even mastered casting technique yet?  Or maybe is it better to invest in reliability and simplicity, especially when the modern technologies applied  the best in South Korea  factory, allow to combine the budget and the overall high quality level of the item?
ZEMEX Spider series is specially designed for beginners. For those of our younger colleagues who are just starting to learn catch " spinning " technique and do not quite understand the difference between " Texas" and " twitching " mode  and need an inexpensive rod that does not discourage hunting, but only helps you to understand all the nuances.
The inexpensive Korean fitment is in little inferior to the distinguished Japanese one. ZEMEX Spider guides allow to use without any consequences not only monofilament but also braided fishing lines. Screw reel seat will secure the reel of any size and form, the medium- fast action blank will help you  master the casting of the compact and  quickly and compact lures and wobblers. At the same time there are  fast action rods and slow action system rods in the line - depending on personal preferences of  spinning anglers .
A characteristic feature of Spider spinning, which sets them apart from the rest  of the ZEMEX rods, is the principle of arrangement of the line . In "Spider" in length each have several options (from 2 in 10-foot performance , up to 5  in240 length ) of  the test and action system. This is directed again to the fact that each could choose a spinning rod corresponding to the aim. For example, ZEMEX Spider 2,10 m, 0.3-5.0 g is perfect choice as a first ultralight and ZEMEX Spider 2,40 m 5,0-28,0 g will  help get acquaint with  minnow lures twitching technique . For the jig , whether the boat or shore,  for chub and ide cranking , tap-off leash  and other spaced lures, fishing for pike on spinners and spoons, in this series you will surely find yourself spinning rod by hand. 
And please note - for absolutely reasonable price!


Code No. Model Length(cm) Test(g) Sections Weight(g) Tr.length(cm) Price/Buy
SP-210-0350 ZEMEX Spider Pro 210 0,3-5g
210 0,3-5 2 87 109
SP-210-2070 ZEMEX Spider Pro 210 2-7g
210 2-7 2 88 109
SP-210-3015 ZEMEX Spider Pro 210 3-15g
210 3-15 2 106 109
SP-210-5028 ZEMEX Spider Pro 210 5-28g
210 5-28 2 105 109
SP-240-2070 ZEMEX Spider Pro 240 2-7g
240 2-7 2 110 124
SP-240-3015 ZEMEX Spider Pro 240 3-15g
240 3-15 2 130 124
SP-240-5028 ZEMEX Spider Pro 240 5-28g
240 5-28 2 125 124
SP-240-7035 ZEMEX Spider Pro 240 7-35g
240 7-35 2 138 124
SP-240-1050 ZEMEX Spider Pro 240 10-50g
240 10-50 2 146 124
SP-270-3015 ZEMEX Spider Pro 270 3-15g
270 3-15 2 136 141
SP-270-5028 ZEMEX Spider Pro 270 5-28g
270 5-28 2 142 141
SP-270-7035 ZEMEX Spider Pro 270 7-35g
270 7-35 2 166 141
SP-270-1050 ZEMEX Spider Pro 270 10-50g
270 10-50 2 173 141
SP-300-7035 ZEMEX Spider Pro 300 7-35g
300 7-35 2 194 155
SP-300-1050 ZEMEX Spider Pro 300 10-50g
300 10-50 2 213 155