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ZEMEX Viper series, introduced in 2012, is intended for those anglers who appreciate elegance and ergonomics in in fishing tackle, and also are not alien to the sense of beauty.
Stylish design, high-quality finish and components, a wide model range, all that is, perhaps , the competitive advantages of ZEMEX Viper spinning rods, which immediately catch the eye. Highest sensitivity, light weight, fast action of the blank in dynamics - it becomes clear only after you take spinning rod in hand and set the reel of a suitable size.
Line guides are made by Korean company Kigan and are the most modern guides in our opinion. Extreme light, strong, rigid guide frames ensure a long and trouble-free operation, and the form of frames and inlay material allow you to forget this unpleasant phenomenon as a backlash of soft braided cords.
Reel seats are made by Fuji, lightweight, reliable and well -proven.
The diversity handle is made of high-quality cork, which is warm and durable and a small EVA inlay in the butt grip.
Blank is made of Korean carbon IM8, which engineers of our plant use in many upscale rods. A distinctive feature of the material - high strength, high sensitivity and indicative casting work. All the ZEMEX Viper rods have fast and moderate-fast action, which also has a positive effect on the characteristics of the casting, and when playing trophies this rod simply has no equal . Rod literally "sticks" to the fish practicing all jerks, castings and «tricks» - whether it's autumn pike, summer ide or rainbow trout in paid reservoirs.

The main purpose of ZEMEX Viper is even retrieving and retrieving using inertialess reel ("Russian jig"). wobbler-cranks and minnow, spoons and spinners, jig baits - ZEMEX Viper S rods 2,10 m, 1.0-8.0 g, ZEMEX Viper S-2, 40 m 3,0-14,0 g, ZEMEX Viper S-2, 64 m,  5,0-28,0 g and ZEMEX Viper S-2, 70 m, 7,0-35,0 gr – are the  great choice for fans of such fishing, whether beginner you are  or wise professional. Spinning rods have proven themselves great at catching chub and other "white" predators and among fans of catching pike "to iron."

The highlight of the series is the presence of casting (intended for the multiplier reel) rods in the series. In addition to " standard “ rods of  this type of length 210 cm and 7-35 grams of the test, there is  an interesting multiplier rod VC- 180 with the test 4-16 in the series, which certainly appeal to fans of the so-called BFS, ie baitcast finesse system,  fishing lures light using high-tech "Soap" . Unlike spinning modifications - Casting are tougher in both statics and dynamics, and is mostly in demand among fans of twitching, jerk jig , and other techniques , where the retrieving  is made by the rod.


Code No. Model Length(cm) Test(g) Sections Weight(g) Tr.length(cm) Price/Buy
8806066100119 ZEMEX Viper Casting C-702 MH 7-35g
210 7-35 2 122 109
8806066100102 ZEMEX Viper Casting C-662L 4-16g
200 4-16 2 112 105