О компании
The ZEMEX brand was created in 2009 and is a division of the legendary South Korean factory NS Industrial. The main mission of ZEMEX is the development and production of high-quality fishing rods adapted for fishing in European waters. The use of unique proprietary technologies and the latest materials allows us to create products under the ZEMEX trademark that have no analogues in the modern fishing market.

Continuous communication with the target audience, including professional sportsmen and amateur anglers, makes it possible to conduct a painstaking analysis and creates an understanding of what the modern audience expects from ZEMEX.

Today, ZEMEX is an international group of distribution companies with a Central office in South Korea. Each office employs experts who thoroughly know the peculiarities and specifics of their regions, which allows them to fully meet the high standards of the modern fishing market. ZEMEX is created by professionals, which means that fishing will be successful.