ZEMEX spinning rods
The idea of creating the ZEMEX brand appeared in early 2009. Having a good partnership with the Korean factory NS Industrial, which is valued for its rods, a joint decision was made to create a premium brand for the European market. Unique technologies and materials made it possible to create spinning rods for a wide variety of fishing conditions.
To date, the model range includes spinning rods for shore jig fishing, short boat spinning rods, light class rods for catching river and area trout, as well as spinning rods for sea fishing. All rods are developed and tested by leading professional anglers who have achieved victories in numerous international tournaments.
ZEMEX company produces spinning rods of the amateur level, the middle price segment and sport rods of the highest class, which allows any angler to choose the optimal tackle for themselves.
Analyzing the world of modern fishing, ZEMEX creates spinning rods that will make your fishing truly unforgettable.