A series of spinning rods for boat fishing

The ZEMEX Rexar series is specially designed for jig fishing from a boat, taking into account the specifics of this type of fishing. ZEMEX Rexar rods are assembled on quick action blanks with high resonance properties and good casting characteristics. ZEMEX Rexar rods have a sufficient amount of power, so do not worry if the other end of the line turns out to be a trophy fish: your rod will soften each of its jerks. An important detail to pay attention to is the use of Japanese Fuji SIC guides in the ZEMEX Rexar series, which best affects the casting range and durability of the line you use. This set of qualities makes the ZEMEX Rexar series a worthy tool not only for amateur fishing, but also for sports competitions.
As a separate item, we wanted to highlight the "price-quality" combination of the ZEMEX Rexar series rods: the price is much lower than the cost of all the above-mentioned qualities, as every angler can see.
ZEMEX Rexar-the rod for first victories.
Vendor code Title Length (cm) Test (g) Test (lb) Class Action Type of blank Sections Transp. Length (cm) Weight (g) RRP