ZEMEX Hellas Sea Bass

A series of long-range spinning rods

ZEMEX Hellas is a series of long-range fishing rods designed for sea bass fishing in salt water. This is a specific type of fishing that involves fishing at large distances from the shore and requires a special combination of special action of the blank and a significant power reserve. ZEMEX Hellas Long Distance Series has the necessary set of properties for fishing in the style of SB Fishing and is a universal long-range coastal tool. Zemex Hellas forms are made of modern high-tech materials and, being in the segment of tall rods 3M+, have sufficient rigidity for high-quality control of baits at ultra-long distances, even with aggressive jerky animation techniques. The Hellas series spinning rods are perfectly balanced. They are equipped with an elongated handle that allows you to increase the width of the grip when casting. This engineering solution makes Hellas blanks real catapults that can deliver a variety of baits to distant borders. Fans of asp fishing will appreciate the qualities of ZEMEX Hellas rods and will discover new, previously inaccessible areas of freshwater reservoirs. You can forget about the times when the asp could hunt away from the shore with impunity. ZEMEX Hellas Long Distance will deliver the bait to the epicenter of the asp hunt, and the bite of the coveted trophy will not take long. And, of course, do not forget about the jig, because Hellas blanks have good resonant properties and allow you to qualitatively fish the most difficult areas at a decent distance from the shore.
ZEMEX Hellas-master of long-range casting!
Vendor code Title Length (cm) Test (g) Test (lb) Class Action Type of blank Sections Transp. Length (cm) Weight (g) RRP
Model ZEMEX Hellas Seabass 1002MH-spinning of a medium-heavy class . Its length is 305cm, weight is 177g. The diameter of the butt is 13.8 mm. The bait test is 10.0-36.0 g, and the fishing line test is 8-18 lb. Spinning is equipped with 9 guides, the first of which is #25. The anti-twist TOP guide of a tip has the size #5. ZEMEX Hellas Seabass 1002MH is a powerful rod intended for catching a strong predator – a sea bass. This style of fishing involves casting heavy baits at ultra-long distances. In the middle lane, such spinning rods have become very popular, as they allow you to successfully catch the usual freshwater fish with jig and other heavy lures from the shore. This fast action spinning rod gives you the ability to cast the bait at the far distance, contributes to efficient hooking and confident playing. In addition to the classic jig fishing, this model is perfect for ASP hunters.
Model ZEMEX Hellas Seabass 1063H-spinning rod of a heavy class. Its length is 3.20 cm, weight 190g. The diameter of the handle is 13.1 mm. The bait test is 12.0-42.0, and the fishing line test is 10-20lb. Spinning is equipped with 9 guides, the first of which is #25. The anti-twist TOP guide of the tip has the size #5. ZEMEX Hellas Seabass 1063H is a taller and more powerful model of the series. Unlike its predecessor, this rod is three-part, which makes it convenient to transport. The length of this spinning rod allows the angler to cast at the most distant borders in search of cherished trophy fish. A powerful blank with fast action will help you to become a winner in the fight against the largest and strongest fish. This spinning is excellent when fishing for jig lures, various spinners and long-range lures of other types.