ZEMEX Rapira Light Master
ZEMEX Rapira is a fundamentally new Light class sports rod that significantly expands the capabilities of anglers. Often, in sport conditions, the result of the angler depends on the distance of the cast. And, as a rule, it is necessary to cast the bait of a small size far away on a jig head of relatively small weight. This is not an easy task, even for experienced anglers. In such conditions, the highest requirements are imposed on the rod, because in addition to throwing characteristics, it must have the best resonant properties that allow you to capture a delicate bite of a medium-sized fish at a long distance.
The ZEMEX Rapira series of spinning rods consists of three models of rods of different lengths and tests, which makes it possible to choose the optimal tool suitable for specific fishing conditions. As in all sports lines of ZEMEX rods, Rapira blanks are made using unique modern technologies that allows to create rods of the highest class, with low weight and good sensitivity.
Vendor code Title Length (cm) Test (g) Test (lb) Class Action Type of blank Sections Transp. Length (cm) Weight (g) RRP