ZEMEX Extra Rock Fish

Light spinning for fans of microjig style

ZEMEX Extra Rock Fish is a series of ul (Ultra Light) spinning rods of Amateur class.
Zemex Extra blanks have a pronounced character inherent to fishing rods in the Rock Fish style. The power margin in the stem, combined with a delicate informative tip, allows the angler to operate the lightest lures and control the movement of the fish during forced fishing among coastal rocks. In the production of ZEMEX Extra spinning rods, are used modern technologies and high-quality materials, thanks to this, the rod has a light weight and good resonant properties. The ergonomic handle of the ZEMEX Extra Rock Fish is made of EVA material. It is conveniently positioned in the hand and creates a feeling of comfort throughout the fishing trip. In addition to sea fishing, these spinners have proven themselves well during the hunt for the usual freshwater predators. Fans of microjig fishing will appreciate their good balance.
ZEMEX Extra is an affordable fishing rod that gives a keen angler pleasant emotions, whether it's Rock Fishing on the seashore, Street Fishing during a lunch break or fishing with children on a Sunday picnic.
ZEMEX Extra Rock Fish-good fishing is always nearby!
Vendor code Title Length (cm) Test (g) Test (lb) Class Action Type of blank Sections Transp. Length (cm) Weight (g) RRP
Model ZEMEX Extra Rock Fish S-702XUL. The length of this spinning rod is 213 cm, and the weight is 82g. The diameter of the butt is 9.6 mm. Rod test 0.3-3.5, fishing line test 1-3lb. This spinning rod has 9 guides, the first of which is #20. the Sensitive tip is equiped by a light TOP size #3 guide. ZEMEX Extra Rock Fish S-702XUL is an ultralight class rod designed for catching small sea fish with silicone lures. In freshwater reservoirs, it is excellent for catching perch and other small predators. The soft tip will help you register the most accurate bites of passive fish. In addition to the classic microjig, this rod can be successfully caught on small spinners and wobblers.
Model ZEMEX Extra Rock Fish S732UL. The length of this spinning rod is 221cm, and the weight is 88g. The diameter of the butt is 10mm. Rod test 0.5 - 5.0, fishing line test 1-4lb. This spinning has 9 guides, the first of which is #20. the Sensitive tip is equiped with a light TOP size #3 guide. The more powerful model in the Extra Rock Fish series. This spinning allows you to use heavier lures and catch at greater distances from the shore. Fast action of the rod makes it possible to comfortably perform various types of animation lures. The main application area is fishing with microjig lures, however, it can be used with small lures and light wobblers. The power reserve of the form will help the angler to land even a large fish.
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