ZEMEX Finder Travel

A series of fishing rods designed specifically for fishing trips.

It is difficult for a true angler to survive for a long time without a favorite activity. Even a vacation with your family somewhere far from home on the Cote d'azur ceases to please if you do not have a tackle in your hands. The reason for this is one-rods take up a lot of space during transportation, especially in an airplane. Therefore, most often a family vacation takes place without a fishing component. In addition, going to unfamiliar places, it is difficult to predict which of the rods should be taken with you. This is another reason to leave thoughts of fishing on vacation. But once you see the sunrise or sunset on the sea and a scattering of small fish trying to escape from a predator, all the problems associated with the transportation of gear become nothing in comparison with the involuntarily lost pleasure. To ensure that you can always fully enjoy your vacation and catch exotic fish, we have released a series of rods ZEMEX Finder Travel, which will become your companion on trips of any complexity and range.
ZEMEX Finder Travel rods consist of four parts placed in a compact tube that can easily fit into any suitcase or carry-on bag. The ZEMEX Finder Travel series consists of four models of different classes. Thus, you will be as prepared as possible for fishing in any conditions: whether it is trout fishing in the mountain rivers of the Balkans; rockfishing in Turkey and Egypt; fishing for Sargan, puffer fish and squid in Cyprus; search for zander in the rivers of Spain. Ultra-light models of the ZEMEX Finder Travel series have two vertexes of the "solid"and "tubular" type in the set at once, which will allow you to adapt the tackle to different fishing conditions as much as possible. Now you just need to choose a place to rest, put the desired ZEMEX Finder Travel, your favorite reel - and go to meet new fishing adventures.
ZEMEX Finder Travel is a favorite activity on any continent.