ZEMEX Eternal

A series of extra-class sports rods.

ZEMEX Eternal is a series of extra-class sports rods. Keeping abreast of the latest technologies in the field of rod construction, as well as guided by the long-term experience of sports victories in the fishing sport of the developer ZEMEX Eternal, we have created a series that can change your perception of the spinning fishing process. Especially for the ZEMEX Eternal series, the lightest blanks have been developed, which have amazing casting properties, binding characteristics and demonstrate unusually high resonant action. Perfectly balanced, pleasantly lying in the hand, ZEMEX Eternal sports tools allow you to throw the bait much further and implement filigree animation at extremely long distances. We also want to focus on the unique binding properties of the Zemex Eternal rod forms, which minimize the risk of losing even a small fish that was caught from the far edge. This aspect is extremely important and highly valued in the fishing sport. Along with this, the ZEMEX Eternal series has a decent power in the steering part, which immediately comes into effect under load and,and in the case of biting a large fish, the angler can claim to capture the trophy. ZEMEX Eternal rods are equipped with the most modern Fuji Torzite guides, which makes the blank as easy as possible and makes the rod more refined. Now it does not matter what size of fish, where you will bite, whether it is a perch under your feet or a three-kilogram zander. Be sure that ZEMEX Eternal will work out all the jerks of the fish, and you will be able to get it into the landing net without any problems.
ZEMEX Eternal-believe in the tackle, believe in yourself!
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