YUMI Fiber System
YUMI Fiber System is a proprietary ZEMEX technology whose concept is based on the combination in a certain sequence and direction of various layers of high-tech materials and binders. Using YUMI technology allows you to create elegant and sensitive rods with a large margin of safety and with unique casting features.
H.S.T. (High Sensitivity Touch) - an abbreviation indicating the high resonating properties of ZEMEX rods.
NANO is a proprietary combination of binder resins patented by our plant. It is based on the use as a binder, a multicomponent hybrid resin containing WXW fibers, which form a kind of protective mesh that reinforces the blanks at the spots of greatest stress.
BORON Fiber - a unique technology using a high-strength boron-carbon fibers, which allows to increase the strength of the rod in places of great stress.
P.R. System
P.R. System - a technology that allows you to create a light rod with high resonant properties. It is used to create competition class rods.
EVO Light
EVO Light is a comprehensive engineering concept that allows you to create perfectly balanced rods. Good balance provides a feeling of lightness and comfort while fishing.
SKY Flex
Sky Flex - Sky Flex high-quality carbon prepregs allow you to create sustainable rods with high dynamic performance.
Z-Joint - a proprietary system for reliable connection of the sections of the rods through precise fitting of contact surfaces.
Rock Fish
Rock Fish Concept - Rock Fish rods are lightweight and have an sensitive tip that allows you to create filigree action of light lures and record bites of careful fish. Designed for catching small fish from the coast, but are great for catching freshwater predators in the microjig style.
Sea Bass
Sea Bass Concept - spinning rods designed for catching the sea bass at long distances. A powerful reinforced rod allows to make ultra-long casts and perfectly control the bait. In addition to sea fishing, these rods gained great popularity a,ong fishermen who a keen on catching large freshwater predators at a great distance from the coast.
FUJI Titanium
Fuji Titanium - Durable and lightweight guides with a titanium frame. Installed on premium rods.
FUJI Torzite
Fuji TORZITE guides are much thinner and lighter than SiC guides of equal size. Thanks to the thin profile, the inner diameter of TORZITE guides is 15% larger than SiC guides with the same outer diameter. The use of new technology allows to reduce the weight of a set of guides by 20-30%.
FUJI K-Guide
FUJI K-Guide were first presented at ICAST-2009, and is the result of five years of research and testing. These guides reduce the chance of tangling the braided line during casting.
FUJI SiC – sustainable guides with silicon carbide insert produced by Japanese company Fuji.
Sea Guide
Sea Guide is a leading American manufacturer of fishing rod accessories. Due to their high quality, Sea Guide guides and reel seat are highly regarded among anglers around the world.
ONE Guide
Sea Guide One Guide is a Sea Guide concept designed specifically for spinning and casting rods. It is made of light and very durable material.
RS Solution
Thanks to revolutionary technologies and materials, Sea Guide RS guides are ahead of the guides of other manufacturers in their characteristics. Ultra-thin heavy-duty guides has a small weight and a larger inner diameter. They have increased strength and low friction.
KOREA Guide - quality analogues of the classic forms of frames and materials of the famous Fuji guides, made in Korea. Using this hardware allows you to produce more affordable fishing rods.
Weibo Guide
Weibo Guide - quality analogues of Fuji guides made in China. Mounted on rods of an amateur class.