ZEMEX Viper Trout

A series of middle-class trout rods

ZEMEX Viper Trout Series - a series of middle-class rods in the ZEMEX model range.
These rods are designed specifically for fishing for area and river trout using medium-sized spinners, silicone lures, and small-sized wobblers. ZEMEX Viper Trout Series models are well suited for catching Chub and other "white" predators on small rivers.
A distinctive feature of all models of ZEMEX Viper Trout is a relatively fast and dynamic action that allows you to perform filigree animation on delicate silicone lures. Special attention should be paid to the high resonant properties of zemex Viper Trout forms, thanks to which the angler will be able to determine even the most careful bite in time. A good balance of the blank's power and its astringent properties allow ZEMEX Viper Trout rods to quickly and successfully bring out brisk trout using beardless hooks, which is an important quality, especially for sport fishing in closed area venues and fast mountain rivers.
ZEMEX Viper Trout is a universal rod for a beautiful fishing!
Vendor code Title Length (cm) Test (g) Test (lb) Class Action Type of blank Sections Transp. Length (cm) Weight (g) RRP
The most delicate Viper Trout model. Its length is 183cm, and it weighs only 79g. The diameter of the butt is 7.9 mm. Rod test 0.3-3.0, fishing line test 1-3lb.There are 7 guides installed on the spinning, the first of which is #16. A tubular sensitive tip is equiped with the size #4 anti-fatigue guide.This model is designed for fishing with ultralight spinners, small wobblers and weakly loaded silicone lures. It is very convenient to fish the coastal zone of area-reservoirs, as well as small rivers. Due to the small length of the rod, the angler can move quite comfortably along the overgrown banks of the river and easily make short and accurate castings. The ZEMEX Viper Trout 602XUL model is particularly comfortable to work with baits of its lower test range. And, if suddenly there is a weighty fish on the hook, do not be nervous, because the action of this model will work out every jerk of the hooked trophy.
The average model of the Viper Trout series. The length of this spinning rod is 188cm, weight is 84g. The diameter of the butt is 8mm. Rod test 0.5 - 5.0, fishing line test 1-4lb. This model is equipped with 7 guides, the first of which is # 16 in size, and the TOP in size#4. The ZEMEX Viper Trout 622UL model has a slightly larger test, length, and line test than the previous model. This spinning rod perfectly copes with classic trout lures in the conditions of area and stream venues. One of the features of the ZEMEX Viper Trout 622UL model is the ability to perform smooth animation of silicone lures of minimal weight, because it is known that trout fishing with silicone lures is especially effective in moments of passive biting. Also, this spinning has shown itself well in fishing for wobblers on a moderate current for trout and chub, which clearly will appeal to fans of fishing on small rivers.
This model is the senior model in the ZEMEX Viper Trout series. Rod length 198cm, weight 90g. The diameter of the butt is 8.1 mm.1.0 - 6.0 g test, 2 - 5lb fishing line test. The ZEMEX Viper Trout 662UL model is equipped with seven guides, the first of which is # 16 in size. A tubular sensitive tip is equiped with the size #4 anti-fatigue top guide. The higher test and length of this model allow you to expand the range of lures used. This spinning rod is convenient for fishing at longer distances, using in its Arsenal, including heavy, by the standards of trout fishing, lures. Also, its strengths include excellent work with wobblers such as minnow and crank, and, of course, with silicone. Action and reserve power in the butt part of the form will allow the angler to easily tame the temper heavy fish and high resonant properties of the blank will help the angler to detect the bite of the fish. A set of such characteristics will allow the angler to creatively approach the process of fishing on area-reservoirs and small rivers.
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