Sooner or later, people who can't imagine their life without fishing, decide to go to a commercial fishery for the first time. The reason for this is constant employment, and to go somewhere where the fish is active, there is no time, and sometimes there is not enough money, because there are very few fish near populated areas. As you know, fishing happiness depends on the catch, and not on the fact of going out into nature.
This is how the search for a venue begins, in which the fish population is monitored, constantly replenishing it. The chances of catching a fish in a short period of time in such a place are many times higher, so you only have to try to fish there once and you will dream about going there again and again. This dedication is also based on the types of fish that have become very popular to catch in such ponds. Everyone knows that trout or char are the inhabitants of distant rivers, where only a few people go because of the unbearable distance, to which are added wild bears that discourage even thinking about those paradisiacal places. It is a piece of this exotic and transferred to our environment, and gave the opportunity to experience an unforgettable experience when fishing for this lively, unpredictable and beautiful fish.
As in any type of fishing, trout fishing has a lot of nuances, knowing which, you will be constantly with the catch. The first and main problem of every beginner in trout fishing is the choice of spinning. Fortunately, progress does not stand still and trout rods of the budget class have become a reality. Now you can be equipped with a spinning rod of the budget segment with all modern properties that will allow you to work comfortably with lures, notice the slightest bites and land the fish successfully. By the way, trout is a good fighter very tough to land, and not every rod is able to cope with it, which leads to annoying losing the fish. That is why your fishing rod should be of medium action, but there is a nuance here. If the spinning turns out to be very soft, accurate casting will be problematic.
Tactile perception of bites also deteriorates on slow-action rods. The Golden mean in the action of a blank for specific needs is not often found on showcases, but to make it easier for you to search, I advise you to pay attention to the new model ZEMEX Aurora Trout Series. This spinning was developed and tested for a long time to become the best in the budget segment and, judging by expert reviews, it was successful. A moderately fast blank with an average action will make it possible to throw lures accurately, feel the slightest bites and react to them in time with a hooking. The butt has a margin of safety, so you will lead the process, fight with the fish and manage it, without giving the fish a chance to get off the hook.
Given the price of spinning, we can assume that the reel will also be from the budget segment. The main criteria for choosing a reel is its weight and ability to work with thin lines. A high-quality reel is a must when fishing for trout. Its price is likely to exceed the cost of spinning twice. Save on it is not worth it, since the cost of thin lines is very high and a cheap reel can just chew the line, thereby damaging it. The optimal spool size is 2000-2500.
When you already have the main part of the equipment, the question of choosing between a fishing line or a braid will arise. Fishing is successful with both. The fishing line has a lower cost, it amortizes the fish jerks, but in comparison with a braided line is much worse transmits the contacts of fish with the bait and has a lower breaking load. The braid, in turn, will transmit even the most accurate bites of fish, but requires delicate play with the fish and correctly configured reel. Recommended diameters of monolines are 0.14-0.16 mm, and braided line are 0.08 – 0.11 mm. The Golden rule: the thinner the line, the further the cast, the better control of the bait and the more natural its game.
When fishing for trout, it is recommended to use a hookline made of flurocarbon. It protects the main line from sharp trout teeth, and is also less noticeable in the water, which significantly increases the number of bites. Using a minimum size swivel will not affect the bite and will allow you to quickly change the bait during fishing. The diameter of the flurocarbon varies from 0.14 to 0.18 mm, depending on the preferences of the angler and the fish weight in a particular reservoir.
As for lures, everything also depends on the temperament of the angler. There are people who like to cast a Wobbler and animate it as long as possible. Others like dynamic fishing on spinners. Some people prefer silicone baits, which can be used at different speeds and different animation. The dynamics of oscillators is supplemented by full control of the bait, which is constantly under tension.
It means that you will feel the bite to the fullest, and these feelings are worth a lot. Rubber is chewed by the fish, eaten during the pauses, so the force of bites you will not feel, but catch the most passive trout, which can refuse from any other types of bait. I do not advise you to pick up the expensive spoons, pay attention to the average price range and pick up a small set with different bright colors and shapes, in sizes from 1.6g to 3.8g. With this set you will be ready to search for fish in all horizons. With silicone, the story is a little different and here the expensive bait will work on your head better than cheap non-specialized things. Silicone must be bright and very soft. The most common forms are worms, larvae and nymphs. The classic colors are salad, white, pink.
Trout fishing is very exciting. Thanks to the large number of commercial fisheries, you can enjoy this type of fishing in the immediate vicinity of the city.