The ZEMEX series of twitching rods contains a bass series with all the characteristics inherent to this style, it is called ZEMEX Bass Addiction. Many have already noticed that the properties of spinning rods designed for catching overseas swamp fish with a huge mouth, perfectly suit Russian region for jerky animation of wobblers of the minnow class. This style of fishing has a lot of options and subtleties, so it gets a good performance. But there is one thing! Twitching brings results, only if the spinning is selected correctly for the size of the Wobbler, or Vice versa, if the size of the Wobbler is selected for the test of spinning, otherwise, the fisherman can not reveal the game of bait and to seduce the predator will be much more difficult. So, if you plan to take a specific spinning rod and load it on the upper test, the bass Addiction blank will allow you to make such animation as soft twitching, stop&go, broaches and uniform animation. While lures of lighter weight can be broken through with a sharp fight, which will give the bait excellent wide yaw. All these types of animation are relevant and in specific cases, bring excellent results.
Spinning should be selected by a test higher than the model of the Wobbler that the angler is going to catch. For example, if your Wobbler weighs about 15 grams, then the spinning that can" rigidly " animate it will test up to 21 grams and higher. The fact is that the test, which is indicated on the spinning, indicates the weight of the bait, which can be thrown comfortably and far with a specific fishing rod. When casting, the spinning should load well and play back, which allows to cast as far as possible. Approximately the same thing happens with a Wobbler on the snatch. Spinning loads and plays, so the tenacity of the bait just kills the desired speed of the wiring. This is why I have been selecting spinning rods with the upper test for a third more than the weight of the bait. In this case, the power of the blank allows you to cope with the resistance of wobblers of the desired size.
Soft twitching is also possible on more powerful blanks, just now it will not be performed by overloading the spinning, but by lighter and smoother hand movements. Twitching is the type of fishing where it is important to feel the fine line between the desired delicacy of the tackle and its power. Spinning has to be chosen as light as possible, so that constant brush work does not turn the exciting process of fishing into excruciating torture, but you need to understand that increasing the test of spinning brings additional length and weight.
Now it remains to make a choice. What is more important to you? Jerky frisky animation or delicacy of the tackle? I advise you to decide for yourself what weight or size of the Wobbler you like. For example, recently the most popular size of minnow baits is 110mm. As I said above, it is comfortable and as wide as possible to work with such a Wobbler, spinning with a test of up to 21-25 grams will allow. This way you get the widest range of opportunities to work with your favorite bait size, while not overloading your hand with excessive weight. The same spinning you will comfortably work with lures from 90 size, while with any tenacity. The same test will be enough for you to work gently with a larger bait in a rare unique case, when the pike does not want to hunt for small prey, which is important in late autumn. The power of these spinning rods allows you to avoid a small overload, which is enough to throw a rod with a test of up to 21 grams of all the favorite DEPS Balisong 130 and smooth wiring to play the pike on the nerves.
Accordingly, if you continue this logic, if you plan to work with lures of 130mm in size, which have a good resistance and a mass of up to 30 grams, then a test of up to 40 – 45 grams will be very useful here. This will reveal the versatility of the game of a large Wobbler and successfully catch a pike with it. But with smaller wobblers it will be more difficult, since the comfort is not the same due to the weight, stiffness and length of the spinning rod. Therefore, sometimes it is easier to take two spinners with different tests than to make a categorical choice in favor of something specific.
In General, the action of spinning allows you to make accurate long-distance casts, while preserving the binding properties of the blank during fishing. All these characteristics allow you to get to the places where the predator stays, guaranteed to realize the bite and win the fight with the trophy. In addition to fishing for a minnow-class Wobbler, rods of this series can be successfully used for boat jig fishing, where the sensitivity of the blank is especially felt. Another advantage of Bass Addiction is the large guides that allow you to use this model until the frost. Anglers who fish in winter know that standard-sized guides start to freeze and make the fishing process much more difficult. Minnow Wobbler fishing is a spectacular and exciting hunting for a predator, which requires not only skills from the angler, but also a properly selected fishing rod.