Carp fishing using feeder is a separate large chapter in the book on feeder fishing. If when fishing with a classic feeder, there are not many special differences, then the use of feeders Method is a completely different world of fishing, which is a kind of fusion of carp and feeder discipline. FLAT-Method feeders are considered the most popular among anglers. Due to their construction, they allow you to effectively present the bait, like a cherry on the cake, which will not be ignored by any underwater inhabitant. However, in the world of Method-Feeder, there is a style of fishing that stands apart. In England, it is called "light bomb". This style implies the use of special rods of light class in combination with light feeders FLAT - Method. Often these blanks are marked carp..
One of the brightest representatives of this style is the ZEMEX Razer F-1 Carp Mini in lengths of 3 and 3.30 meters with tests up to 40 and 60 grams, respectively. A distinctive feature of these rods is a progressive parabolic action that allows you to fight with serious fish, despite the light class of gear. ZEMEX Razer f - 1 rods are designed for short-distance fishing. As a rule, it casts under the overhanging branches, submerged trees or other cover where the fish could hide. Such places are preferred by large carps in the warm season on commercial and wild venues. The angler needs to cast the rig as close as possible to a promising place and expect a bite.
Fishing in the F - 1 style starts with the feeding of the fishing point, or it can be performed without it. The standard form of feeding involves the use of classic feeders. ZEMEX Razor f - 1 rods are perfect for working with both small and medium capacity feeder feeders and FLAT - Method feeders. In addition to the classic form of feeding, you can feed the groundbait in balls, using a slingshot, or throwing with your hand, if the fishing distance allows you to do this.
When fishing medium and large carp, it is recommended to use cereals, pellets, whole and crushed boilies, as well as other nutritional supplements. A large fraction for a long time keeps the fish at the fishing point, making fishing as productive as possible. If fishing is performed without starting feeding, you should make more frequent casts at the point of fishing, thereby indicating the feed spot. When fishing on the FLAT-Method, a small-fraction bait with a high content of gluten is used. To fill the feeder, it is recommended to use specialized forms that allow you to quickly and efficiently form the rig. Instead of a bait mixture, you can use specialized pellets, which must first be moistened. Due to the fact that flat - Method fishing involves catching large fish, bait mixes have an increased content of protein additives. As a bait can be used the classic feeder baits as maggot, worm, corn, and more specialized carp baits that require hair rig: Boyle, pop-up, pellets. Often it is the latter that show the best result when fishing on commercial venues.
When fishing for large fish at short distances, the use of monofilament fishing line is a prerequisite. Compared to braided lines, the fishing line has a significant extensibility, which in combination with the forms of ZEMEX Razer F - 1 Carp Mini, creates an ideal tool for defeating the powerful fish. The optimal diameters of the line are 0.18 - 0.22 mm. ZEMEX Razer f - 1 Carp Mini rods were repeatedly used by members of the ZEMEX Feeder Team when fishing for carp, Grass carp, crucian carp and tench on commercial venues and proved to be the best. The use of rods of a light class when fishing in the FLAT-Method style allows the angler not only to come out the winner in the fight with the trophy, but also to get the maximum amount of emotions from this confrontation.