Легкая снасть – фундамент весомой победы
Anglers who have ever performed at competitions know that because of the pressure created on the reservoir, large fish often refuse to eat actively. In this case, high-speed fishing for small fish becomes one of the main tactics, since it is not so skittish, unlike its large counterparts, and continues to maintain its activity throughout the tour. In most cases, the angler chooses short distances that allow you to keep a fairly high rate of fishing. Choosing a rod for such tactics is one of the main components of success. It should be light, elegant and have sensitive quivertypes that will transmit the most accurate bites of small fish. This rod is the ZEMEX Icon Tournament in length 3.00 meters with a test of up to 35 grams.
Initially, the Tournament mark on the blank indicates that this is a rod of the highest sports class and this model is no exception. High-quality guides, low weight of the blank and strict design confirm this fact. A set of four quivertypes allows you to use the rod in a variety of fishing conditions. Progressive-fast action of this rod allows the angler to easily apply hookline of minimum diameters, which are usually the main ones during competitive sessions. In most cases, compact feeders with small weights are used for fast fishing. Systematic feed feeding with this style of fishing is an integral part of success. The created column of groundbait allows you to keep small fish at the fishing point. For this reason, it is better to use a small-fraction bait with a large number of active particles. Depending on the type of fish that the athlete plans to bet on during the tour, a fishing tackle is selected. The three-meter length of the rod allows you to easily fish short distances of up to 20 meters in all weather conditions. Choosing a quivertip is a very important detail. For example, when fishing for perch, it is better to use the stiffest nod from the kit. The ZEMEX Icon Tournament Feeder 10ft – 35g is a quivertip with a 1oz test. It allows the angler to perform various types of animation of the bait, which are extremely necessary when fishing for perch and other small predatory fish. The use of a braided line in conjunction with the sensitivity of the blank of the rod, has a positive effect on the tactile perception of bites during wiring.
When fishing for ablet, the best choice is a quivertip with a test of 0.75 oz, which will allow you to fix bites, even if they are extremely cautious. Moreover, the use of this quivertip largely contributes to the use of "English" casting with a long overhang, which allows you to significantly speed up the fishing process, and allows the angler to catch even more fish in the allotted period of time. Unlike many other fish, ablet feeds in the water column, so the angler should use long hookline and as light hooks as possible. Similarly, fishing in the tier is as effective as possible. In the southern regions, medium-sized carp often act as an object for high-speed fishing. In this case it is better to use soft quivertip in combination with the main momoline. Bites to a greater extent occurs not before the visualized bite, but during a certain small period of time. The fisherman pulls out the tackle after a certain period of time. As a rule, by this time the fish is already on the hook. The extensibility of the monolines allows you to fish at an accelerated pace, despite the fact that even a small carp decently fight.
Progressive-fast action of the ZEMEX Icon Tournament Feeder 10ft-35g will allow you to cope even with trophy fish, which bites happen when fishing at a pace. Such fish as bream, ide, carp and others often find themselves in the coastal zone in search of food, and catching such fish significantly increases the chances of an athlete to win. ZEMEX Icon Tournament Feeder 10ft-35g is a sports class rod that allows you to play in a variety of styles of high-speed fishing, which will help you to become a winner.