Masters of the far frontier
Catching asp on spinning tackle is an extremely hazardous and incomparable fishing. Unlike other types of spinning fishing, it requires the selection of a specialized rod. This is primarily due to the fact that the ASP often stands at large distances from the shore and it is simply not possible to cast there with an ordinary spinning rod. The main lures for catching ASP are heavy spinners and various types of wobblers. Recently, pilkers have become very popular, which were originally developed for fishing in salt water, but have shown excellent results when catching the usual freshwater predators. To throw the bait directly into the center of the ASP spot, you need to use a powerful long-range rod. One of these rods is the ZEMEX Hellas Seabass. Initially, spinnings of this series were developed for catching sea bass, however, the similarity of the style of fishing and the working characteristics of the action are the best suited for ASP fishing. The ZEMEX Hellas Seabass rod series consists of two models. The first model is Hellas Seabass 1002MH 3.05 meters long with a test of 10-36 grams. The second three-part model Hellas Seabass 1063H is 3.20 meters long with a test of 12-42 grams. Both rods of this series have a fast action, which allow you to send lures to long distances and control the animation efficiently.
Coastal ASP fishing requires a good casting technique from the angler. ASP is a cautious predator, so long-distance casting is the key to successful fishing. The long handle of the ZEMEX Hellas Seabass rod is the best choice for making extra-long casts. In the summer, ASP often stands on a strong current. Active fish is not difficult to notice, as a rule, the ASP gives itself out in regular bursts, which are clearly visible and even heard from a distance. In this situation, the angler needs to throw the bait a little further than the ASP spot and hold it in the desired horizon, provoking the predator to bite. The speed of animation varies depending on the season of fishing and the activity of the predator. When fishing for active schooling fish, it makes sense to use aggressive animation, making two or three hard jerks of the bait followed by uniform animation, or free fall of the bait. Often the ASP is attacks the bait, which is picked up by the current. The passive model of predator behavior implies more accurate animation. In this case, it is better to use a single smooth jerk of the bait. Slow undulating animation can provoke even the most passive predator to bite. These variations of animation are suitable for fishing on spinners, pilkers and other variations of metal jigs. Changing the color of the bait can have a positive effect on the bite. In most cases, ASP prefers natural color, giving preference to white, blue, silver shades and their combinations. However, in moments of complete ignoration of the bait often helps bright lures. Baits of green, red and yellow color can be very catchy, especially on cloudy days.
ASP bite is of an incredible power, which always happens unexpectedly. It is very important to make a timely hooking and keep the first jerks of a strong predator. To do this, it is best to use a fast action spinning rod. ZEMEX Hellas Seabass comfortably handles even captured ASP specimens and, if necessary, allows you to play the fish aggressively in places where it is necessary. ASP gear should be powerful in all respects. Any weak link can lead to the loss of the trophy. The spinning rod must be equipped with a reel size of 3000-4000. As the main fishing line, you must use a braided line. It will allow you to perform the most distant casting and make a filigree animation, perfectly controlling the bait. Given that fishing for asps involves the use of heavy baits, the line is better to choose 0.8 – 1.5 PE according to the Japanese classification. Another necessary attribute when catching ASP is a leash made of flurocarbon, with a diameter of 0.3-0.35 mm. the length of the leash can range from half a meter to a meter. The flurocarbon leash is less noticeable for a cautious predator, and also allows you to exclude the possibility of damage to the main line on various obstacles. A powerful swivel with a clasp will be the final link in the chain of balanced ASP gear, which will bring you victory in the fight against a predator. Catching a large ASP gives the angler an unforgettable burst of emotions. Don't forget to release the caught fish for you to get that adrenaline rush again on your next fishing trips.