The choice of the fishing spot in the feeder discipline is one of the most important factors for successful performance in competitions. Fishing conditions are very diverse, but distances of 15-25 meters in most cases are of interest to the angler. The optimal length of the rod for such distances is 3.30 meters.
The ZEMEX Icon Tournament 11ft-50g is a sport-class rod designed for short-and medium-distance fishing during a competitive session. The extremely light weight of the blank allows the angler to easily operate this rod throughout the tour. To preserve the overall balance of the tackle, it is better to select a reel in the size of 3000-4000 with a weight of up to 250 grams. Due to its progressive and fast action, this rod model is suitable for all types of castings, whether it is an English cast with a long overhang, or a pendulum whip cast with a short overhang. In any case, the feeder will easily go to your chosen spot.
In Central Europe, feeder fishing competitions are very often held on rowing channels and dams of large reservoirs. Despite the pressure that fishermen put on the reservoir, the fish very often returns to the shoreline, so creating a feeding spot at close range is the key to victory. In addition to the fact that at this distance you can accurately and comfortably feed the spot, it allows you to fish at a very high rate. Often fishermen leave this point as a backup option, or as they say among athletes: " against every eventuality." From the start, the spot is fed at the level with other distances, but the athlete moves to it, if all the others did not bring the desired result. And sometimes this plan " B " helps out in a difficult situation.
There are several options for feeding the short distance fishing point. The first option is quite standard, it is 3-4 feeders with a small amount of live component. The second option implies a plentiful feeding of the fishing point. In this case, it is better to use feeders of a larger capacity, which will significantly save the angler's time. ZEMEX Icon Tournament 11ft-50g copes well with feeders, which usually have poor aerodynamics and require a lot of effort during casting.
One of the advantages of this strategy is that the spot remains at rest for a long time, and during this period, large cautious individuals will be able to go to the feeding spot and stand there for a very decent period of time. Given this fact, moving to this point of fishing, it is better to use feeders of minimal size, which will not create unnecessary noise when entering the water. To get the fastest possible bite, it is recommended to fill the feeder with a large number of live components.
It is not superfluous to use dry flavors, which are more likely to attract the attention of fish with their concentrated aroma. One of the best baits, depending on the fishing conditions and time of year, will be either a bundle of 5 – 8 blood worm, or 3 – 4 maggots. For effective hooking, you need to select the size of the hook so that, even taking into account the entire volume of the bait, the sting remains as open as possible.
When catching medium and large fish, it is better to use hooks 14-12 numbers according to the European classification. When using a blood worm as bait, the hook must be very thin. In this case, the worms look as natural as possible under water, which does not cause suspicion in large and cunning fish. In most cases, the use of thin lines is the key to success when performing at competitions. The ZEMEX Icon Tournament 11ft – 50g rod has a unique action that perfectly works out the jerks of both medium and large fish, even when using hooklines of minimum diameters, which is a mandatory requirement for all sports class rods.
To successfully perform at various fishing tournaments, you need good tactics, decent basic equipment and a high-quality sports-class rod, the use of which brings you half a step closer to the victory. And if you add a little more luck, then for sure, you will be the winner.