Flat method feeder-weapon of the winners!
Flat method feeder-weapon of the winners!
Today we will talk about the longest model from the ZEMEX Razer line, and more specifically about the ZEMEX Razer Flat-Method Feeder 14ft. Recently, such a style of feeder fishing as flat-Method has become very popular among anglers. Catching large carp and grass carps on commercial reservoirs is very specific and requires a specialized rod, which is the ZEMEX Razer Flat-Method Feeder 14ft. This feeder was originally developed as a long-range tool for catching large fish in reservoirs of various types. The specificity of fishing with flat-class feeders is in power long-distance throws, the distances of which, often, exceed the mark of one hundred or more meters. It is worth noting that the casting weight of such feeders is from 30 to 80 grams, and the use of a classic feeder class heavy is not the best option for this type of fishing. It is optimal to use an elegant rod with a progressive action, the blank of which will be comfortably loaded when using low-weight rigs, but it will not fail at the final stage of casting.
When you first meet the ZEMEX Razer Flat-Method Feeder 14ft may seem soft and too elegant for its class and test, but these impressions are very deceptive and in practice the rod quickly dispelled all doubts, showing itself on the most positive side. Despite its lightness and elegance, this feeder has a decent supply of power. Thanks to the unique technology of YUMI Fiber System, the rods of this series combine lightness and power, which allows you to successfully make a power cast, both in the side and in the headwind. It should be noted that all blanks have strong resonant properties, as indicated by the abbreviation H. S. T. – High Sensitivity Touch. The length of the handle allows you to use a wide grip, and the anti-fatigue guides installed on the blank will reduce the risk of breaking the rig during casting. The increased diameter of the guides and top on quivertips is designed for comfortable casting with shock leaders and thick lines, which is important for power casting.
Special attention should be paid to the binding properties of ZEMEX Razer Flat-Method Feeder 14ft. The ability of the blank to extinguish powerful jerks of large carp and grass carp is one of the most important characteristics of a feeder rod, especially when fishing at long distances using small hooks. In such conditions, the risk of large fish escaping is very high and it is extremely important that the rod perfectly dampens the jerks of weighty trophies, not allowing the stress on the rig to reach a critical point. The progressive structure of the ZEMEX Razer Progressive Feeder 14ft allows fans of the FLAT-Method style to confidently perform long-distance casts using a wide variety of techniques. Hundred-meter boundaries are available, both for fans of whiplash casting with a short overhang, and for fans of" English " casting with a long overhang..
The range of comfort tests of FLAT feeders for ZEMEX Razer Flat-Method Feeder 14ft is very extensive. Depending on the set quivertype, this model can be used with feeders of the flat class from 30 to 80 grams, without taking into account the bait. In addition to flat-Method fishing, the ZEMEX Razer Flat-Method Feeder 14ft is great for classic roach, bream, carp and other fish, at medium and long distances in reservoirs with or without a weak current. Recommended weights of classic feeder feeders are 50-90 grams, excluding bait. Due to the length and throwing characteristics of this rod, the angler can easily feed promising spots located at a significant distance from the shore. It is worth paying attention to the case, made of a durable material with sewn rubber ties with Velcro. This solution allows you to quickly and reliably fix the sections of the disassembled rod in the case. ZEMEX Razer Flat-Method Feeder 14ft-is a sports class rod, which can be said a lot of loud phrases, but much more convincing than any words will be the tests of this rod on the reservoir in contact with large fish.