Active silverfish -high speed river feeder fishing
To win the competition, anglers try to build their tactics based on the activity of a particular fish on the reservoir. The fish that shows the maximum activity during training is considered a priority in terms of fishing and the main bet is made on it.
On reservoirs without a current as this fish often acts roach, bleak, perch or small bream. On rivers with a strong and moderate current, this representative is very often silver bream. silver bream inhabits most of the rivers in the central part of the country and is a frequent trophy for fans of feeder fishing.
The population of this school fish is extremely high, and it responds well to all kinds of bait mixes, which makes it an ideal candidate for sports fishing feeder on the river. Silver bream remains active throughout the year, so you can count on its good bite, participating at any competition.
Depending on the size of the river and the place of fishing, the weight of this fish can range from 50 - 100 grams, and can exceed the mark of half a kilo. Bonus specimens are very rare during the competition session, but smaller representatives of this species are quite common. The small weight of the fish is successfully compensated for by the frequency of bites and their realization, so even catching a medium-sized fish can bring a very serious catch and help you become a favorite of the competition.
Fishing on the current requires a special selection of gear. On the one hand, it should be a relatively light class that will allow you to keep a high pace, on the other, it should cope with river flows. One of these rods is the ZEMEX Icon Tournament 12.6 ft-90g. this model of rod weighs only 207 grams with a length of 3.80 meters.
The blank of extra-fast action makes it possible to effectively catch on the current, and in combination with a thin line will allow you to use feeders of smaller weights, which will favorably affect the overall balance of the tackle. Rods of the Icon Tournament series were developed by Sergey Popov, a well-known sport fisherman, taking into account the specifics of European reservoirs.
Active bait is the best choice when fishing for silver fish . Light components will create a long plume that will attract fish from long distances, and regular feeding of worms/maggots/bloodworm to the fishing spot will keep the river inhabitants for a long time at it. A favorite delicacy of white bream during the warmer time of the year is a maggot.
The use of liquid additives in the process of fishing, allows you to quickly attract the silver bream from long distances, as well as manipulate the physical properties of the bait during the session.
Overfeed river fish in the summer is almost impossible, so you can safely add a large number of maggots to each feeder. With active biting, 2-3 maggots should be used, if small fish predominate and the realization of bites decreases, only one maggot should be used, so that at the slightest contact the fish is pricked on the sting of the hook. This method of pinning is called "stocking"among anglers.
Closer to winter, the food preferences of fish change, and the main bait becomes a bloodworm, which silver bream will gladly eat all winter. Fans of winter feeder can enjoy powerful bites of this fish on non-freezing rivers. Depending on the intensity of biting, you should pin from one to three bloodworms.
Having picked up a certain speed of reeling during playing the fish, silverfish enters a kind of shock and ceases to actively resist. Fast play is the key to successful tempo fishing. The use of feedergum will reduce to a minimum the number of annoying losing fish. In case if you catch a fish of the weight above medium, the process of playing is better not to force and use a landing net. Fish weighing up to 100 grams can be safely lifted without it and taken in the hand.
Silver bream can feed both from the bottom and in the tier. The use of long hooklines allows you to significantly speed up the bite, and also has a favorable effect on the realization. The length of the hookline can range from one meter to one and a half and even more.
Silver bream are very active freshwater fish, therefore, it perfectly responds to the different animation of the bait. ZEMEX Icon Tournament 12.6 ft-90g due to its action is ideal for performing such manipulations. Any broach, or just the failure of the feeder can provoke biting frisky fish. Light thin hook allows you to easily pin various baits, as well as contributes to the animation at the river flow..
The main sizes of hooks according to the European classification are 16-14 number. Depending on the season, the diameters of the hookline can range from 0.08 mm in the cold season and with low biting activity, to 0.12 mm in the summer, when the fish is active and requires an aggressive model of playing the fish, which does not involve the use of a landing net.
Catching silver bream is gambling and effective. This is a classic river fish, which is most effective for catching with a feeder tackle. That is why we can safely say that the silver bream is one of the most favorable river fish of sportsmen, which should be able to catch every angler. Catching this particular fish demonstrates the General technique of the angler and the ability to handle feeder gear.