Winter Medium Feeder - Золотая середина
Medium class feeder rods are the most popular among both sportsmen and Amateur anglers due to their extensive application area. Rods of this class are used for fishing in ponds, reservoirs, and rivers with a weak current. And today we will talk about a very interesting type of feeder fishing on the river in winter. Thanks to warm discharges, some rivers do not freeze even in the coldest winters, which allows fans of feeder fishing to keep the season open and catch throughout the year.
In the ZEMEX Hi-Pro Super Feeder series, there are two medium-class models that are best suited for fishing on the river in winter. The first model is a Hi-Pro Super Feeder 12ft with a test of 80 grams. This is a classic feeder with a length of 3.60 meters, allowing you to work at medium distances within your test. The second model is the ZEMEX Hi-Pro Super Feeder 12ft 100g. With the same length of this form, the test is 100 grams. Unlike its lighter counterpart, it has powerful three-legged guides. The guides on the quivertypes are also enlarged, which minimizes the freezing process and allows you to fish at temperatures below zero.
Winter fishing with a feeder on the river has a number of differences from the usual fishing in warmer times. Despite the fact that the fish remains active, it chooses quieter spots in winter, so as not to waste precious energy on fighting the river current. As a rule, these are near edges, pits, and other areas of the reservoir where the current is weaker than the main channel flow. It is worth considering that the depth factor is of great importance, since it allows you to choose a fish tier with a comfortable temperature and the necessary amount of oxygen. These conditions make it possible to use a medium-class feeder instead of the usual fast-action rivermen.
Fish in winter is extremely sensitive to changes in the weather and rarely shows stable activity. In this regard, fishermen have to resort to various tricks, one of which is the use of thin and very long hooklines. The action of zemex Hi-Pro Super Feeder forms is ideally suited for working with lines of a minimum diameter. The Hi-Pro Super Feeder 12ft – 80g has an evenly-fast action that easily handles the jerks of river fish. Winter bream is not as fast as in summer, but, nevertheless, it gives a fight from which a skilled angler is pleased to come out victorious.
When fishing in winter, it is best to use a small-fraction groundbait of a dark color, which allows you not to overfeed inactive fish. The best living component for this time, by right, is considered a blooddworm. It allows you to collect fish in the shortest possible time and makes it keep at the point of fishing. Several larvae of bloodworms, impaled on a thin hook, is one of the best winter baits, although you should not lose sight of a small maggot of white and red color, the use of which as a nozzle is also very effective. The main objects of fishing on the winter river are bream, roach, silverfish, as well as other fish as perch.
In winter, the search for a promising distance is one of the most important factors that affect the result of the session. It would seem that a slight difference of a few meters can dramatically affect the result of fishing. Fishing tactics in the winter period involves feeding with a decent amount of bloodworm.
Fishing can be done with one rod, or several, alternating them as necessary. For example, a starter feed can be made using the ZEMEX Hi-Pro Super Feeder 12ft-100g and fish with a standard hookline length of up to 80 centimeters and medium-sized hooks using large bait. The action of this model has a sufficient power reserve and allows you to quickly put enough groudbait at the spot with a large feeder.
The second rod can be a ZEMEX Hi-Pro Super Feeder 12ft-80g. It is more elegant and is best suited for delicate fishing. This tool is necessary when the behavior of the fish is extremely passive. In this case, it is recommended to use small feeders and rigs with hooklines made of thin fishing line of a meter or more in length, and use one or two moth bloodworms on hooks of a minimum size as bait.
This alternating work with two rods is the most productive during winter work sessions. Rods of this series are well adapted for winter fishing and having the same length, perfectly complement each other. At the same time, there is no discomfort when they are constantly changed in the process of fishing.
Going to the river in winter, you should take care of the correct equipment. A good winter suit, warm shoes and a thermos of hot tea will make fishing not only exciting, but also comfortable, which is important, because you have good gear in your hands, and you should fully enjoy the fishing process.